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LED Screens for Houses of Worship

DPS worship screens are perfect for sanctuaries of any size and provide a bright, clear display for the congregation. With the right display, viewers can better engage with your worship leader and walk away with a deeper understanding of your message.

Display song lyrics on a high-resolution display LED screen which can also help direct your service. Display announcements, news, prayer requests, and other important information, ensuring your congregation will feel more engaged throughout your service.

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Impactful Messages

lasrge screen panels at front of church

DPS LED screens for churches and religious centres are high-resolution, so they’re also ideal for watching videos and live streams. Whether you use high-quality teaching resources or create your own videos, this can be a great tool to help you deliver an inspiring message.

You can also use your LED displays outside of your weekly worship service for training and events.

lasrge screen panels at front of church

Large-format Impact

Our team specialises in delivering LED screens that perfectly align with your unique needs. We excel in providing pre-commissioned, plug-and-play digital panels that enhance the spiritual atmosphere and engage your congregation.


Whether you require a single display for a chapel or a comprehensive deployment for a large sanctuary, you can rely on us to provide the latest technology with exceptional value.

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